Jason Penegar– CFO @ TydenBrooks

Jon is a great recruiting executive. He has a tremendous knack for finding top financial and accounting talent. Jon is a pleasure to work with and is a constant professional in his field. Works very hard for his clients to meet their staffing needs.

Elieen Morrell – Director of FP&A @ DLH Corporation

We wanted a star; Jon delivered! A year ago. we needed an industry-specific, experienced candidate to fill a lead role in Federal government contracting and pricing. We preferred to hire from the Atlanta talent pool, but weren’t making much headway on our own. I remembered Jon contacting me a year or so earlier about a great opportunity that absolutely matched what I would be looking for, if I were looking. I was impressed that Jon was open, forthcoming and honest in providing information about the position: industry, location, responsibilities, salary and bonus range. All of this was in his introduction email! It was a refreshing change from the usual calls/emails, and I decided that should I ever need a recruiter to find a great candidate, I would contact Jon. I did, and within a week he found two very qualified candidates. We made an offer, and the candidate started a few weeks later. She has been an outstanding addition to our company in every way, and has a bright future with us. Jon, it’s taken me a year to write this, but you are so deserving of special notice! My best, Eileen

Octavia Rouse – Cost & Pricing Manager

Jon found me the job I had been searching for years to find! He understood my desire for a fast-pacing and challenging position with executive level contact and great potential for upward mobility. He then aided in my securing the position by establishing my talents and skill set with the employer and providing outstanding interview prep. To boot, the entire process was professional yet familiar. Highly recommend!

Andrea Shanahan – Tax Manager

Brian was very attentive and personable! He made me feel like he was a friend trying to really help me, and not just a recruiter. Brian kept me updated on every step of the process, and I felt very prepared for my interview based on his coaching & the information he gave me regarding the position. He recruited me out of a great situation into an even better one! I strongly recommend Brian.

Janice Warford, CPA – CFO

I have worked with Jon Jennings over the past several years both as a candidate and a client . Jon and his team take a very thorough approach to their placement services to determine correctness of fit prior to presentation. They are very knowledgeable about the current recruitment climate resulting in successful outcomes for critical staffing issues .


I have known and worked with Jon for about 6+ years.  I first met Jon when I contacted him regarding a position he was recruiting for.  Jon spent time getting to know me, to learn about me, about how I work, what I do, and about my background and what I was looking for. When calling on Jon to help advance my career, I know that he will make sure that I am as much of a fit for the company, as he will make sure the company is a fit for me.

As a hiring manger and executive, Jon has also been instrumental in helping me to recruit the staff and talent that I have needed throughout the years.  Jon understands how I work, and what I expect from employees.  If I hand Jon a search request, I know that he will go all out to learn about the company, the position and the environment involved in the position.  Combing the job requirements with my personal style, the candidate’s personal style, and then presenting me a select group of candidates that I can be assured will fit into not only the job, but the company, and with me.

If Jon tells me he has a fit, then I feel comfortable and confident that I need to interview the candidate.  I trust Jon on two fronts, not only with my own career as a candidate, but also as a manager and executive who depends on having the right people in the right position.