6 Tips on Hiring the Best Pricing Strategists, According to an Executive Search Firm

Wondering how to hire the best pricing strategists for your company? We’ve compiled 6 tips based on our years of experience.

7 Cost-Plus Pricing Strategy Considerations For Uncertain Economic Times

Cost-plus pricing is excellent when the economy is stable. What happens in volatile economic times? Here’s how to modify your cost-plus pricing strategy.

The 4 Best Pricing Strategies During Inflation (Plus Other Expert Tips)

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6 Steps For Creating a Winning Pricing Strategy in 2022 and Beyond

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6 Expert Tips For Managing Pricing During Inflation to Succeed Long Term

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Jennings Executive’s founder discusses Pricing Roles on the Impact Pricing Podcast

Jon Jennings, the founder of Jennings executive search, discusses his process of matching a company’s pricing strategy with the right talent with Mark Stiving, the founder of Impact Pricing, in an insightful 30 minute podcast. More details below.

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