A strong finance team can be the difference between losses and profitability.  

Here at Jennings Executive Search, LLC, we specialize in providing impact level finance professionals.
Our focus is on finding individuals who have a track record of accomplishments that impacted the bottom line.

We use a Targeted Approach


The first part of our process is learning.  This is where we learn about your organization and the dynamics of the position.  Accurately and efficiently communicating is our number one responsibility.  This exchange is crucial to articulate the details to candidates for the best possible result and save all parties time.  The following are a few items for discussion:

  • Company-wide.  Short and long term goals/potential challenges.  Discuss ownership situation and capitalization.
  • Operations.  Learn the business model.  Discuss technical, operational and strategic elements of the position.
  • Vision.  Vision for your team/department.  What does success look like?  Potential career paths for a high achiever.
  • Pedigree.  This is where we identify ideal backgrounds.  For example, education, certification, early career experience (Big 4 pedigree, large company pedigree, I-Banking, Consulting, Specific role(s) in a certain Industry), etc.
  • Culture.  General cultural items.  Discuss personalities and styles that work best with you and the organization as a whole.


This is where we take all the research of your organization and apply it to discovering a list of ideal targets.  The following outlines our approach:

  • Search our database for existing relationships with qualified candidates.
  • Request referrals from individuals who have relationships in your field.
  • Compile a list of new “passive” candidates to actively target.  We target direct competitors, related industries, desired pedigrees, etc.

Selling You & Your Company

This is where we truly set ourselves apart from the competition.  This is where we make contact and discuss your opportunity in relation to their career goals.  The following are a few of our strategies:

  • We gain interest from our top targets by discussing the opportunity in relation to their interests and aspirations instead of simply discussing the job description.
  • Each call and/or email is targeted and specifically designed for the individual that is receiving it.  This process requires research and thoughtful conversation.
  • Once engaged, we take a candid approach when discussing company culture, future opportunities, and current challenges in order to gain the trust of our candidates.  This honest approach leads to better results for our clients and less time wasted for all involved.

Vetting Process

Once we have gained interest from our top targets, we turn to the vetting process.  This is where we narrow down the candidate list to our top choices.  This consists of the following:

  • Phone and in-person interviews where we dissect each individual’s career and drill down into past experience as it relates to all relevant functions in the position.  This includes detailed accounts of accomplishments and how they could be applied to this position.
  • Discuss management style and how each candidate is best managed.
  • Learn about career goals and current standing at their company/why they would consider leaving.
  • Offer personality test if client requests.


The final step is the presentation of our top candidates.  We work closely with each candidate to present all relevant details in a clean and detailed email.  Candidate submittals will include the following:

  • Detailed dossier of experience as it relates to your opening.
  • Complete updated resume with relevant achievements and detailed responsibilities.
  • A breakdown of technical skills as it relates to all the required duties in the role.
  • Our opinion on candidate personality and how the candidate will fit within your organization.  We will also provide a personality test of your choosing upon request.
  • Complete salary information/detailed breakdown.